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Five Reasons Why You Should Invest in Fire Fighting Equipment

We deal with many expenses nowadays. We buy our food and clothing, we pay the rent or mortgage as well as the bills. We also have to incur additional expenses for the transportation and necessary repairs at home.

Admittedly, we live in a world filled with costs. The cliché, nothing is free, is true. There is value for everything even if it does not concern money. Because of this, we do not want to deal with the items we do not need at home. We have to prioritize.

This concept is very helpful. This allows us to live within our means. However, other homeowners take this out of context. They save on other essential items that can help them live safer. Among the items that most people refuse to invest on are the fire fighting equipments. Many argue that they do not need it. They are taking precautionary measures in the first place. In addition, most people who buy such equipments do not utilize them. They end up gathering dust in the corner of the room.

However, there are several reasons why you should purchase one. You do not buy extinguishers because you want to use them. You want to have them around just in case something happens. Here are five of the other reasons why you should have these equipments at home:

1. It will make you feel safer. Knowing that you have sprinklers or fire extinguishers in the different areas of the house will make you feel secured. Although you still have to see to it that everyone observes precautionary measures to prevent fire, you will be more comfortable because you know that you have devices to battle the flames in case something happens.

2. One device will last for a number of years. You do not have to buy one on a regular basis. Proper monitoring of these tools will assure you that you can rely on them no matter how old they are. The fire extinguishers for example, do not have expiration date. However, you have to observe maintenance procedures, which are relatively easy.

3. These equipments do not cost much compared to the benefits it gives your home. If you are worried with how much each extinguisher costs, think of what it can offer you. You will only purchase it once. But you can rely on it whenever the need arise.

4. This can save you and your home. Although no one wants to have fire at home, it can still happen. We can combat it with water but the flame could still burst. With the use of fire fighting equipments, you will have something to use to prevent the fire from spreading.

5. Equipments like the fire extinguishers are very portable and easy to use. If you argue that you have water at home, well it is not really portable unless you attach a fire hose to it. Still, this can slow you down in containing the fire. Fire devices are portable. Once you need it, you can easily grab it. There are several reasons why you should invest in such equipments. The expenses you will incur are no match for the benefits you will gain from it.

Business Productivity Gains Can Come From Seemingly Small Tasks

Many businesses fall into a trap by focusing on core processes for productivity gains while ignoring potentially hundreds of small, tedious, administrative tasks that threaten to bog down the team. The flow of work, pace of decisions and even responsiveness to customers can be severely hampered by these tasks while the business strives to solve bigger challenges. At some point the cumulative effect of such non-core and yet required tasks becomes a drag on the ability to perform and grow.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the information technology division of the business. IT is where the priorities of the business go be converted into efficient and productive systems. Nowhere in the list of priorities did a host of administrative tasks appear as a priority and you would not expect to find them there considering the importance of core processes that drive the operation of the business. However, the productivity gains that may be achieved with just a small bit of attention to these tasks can have a dramatic ability to free up precious employee time to focus on getting the more important job done.

The IT organization supported by the heads of various business and operating divisions, have become masters at hunting buffaloes. No measly squirrels for them. They are so busy preparing the big guns, hunting parties and horses to go and hunt for the buffaloes that they are seemingly unaware that the squirrels are stealing their stash of nuts that was supposed to provide energy during the winter months. In much the same way, the focus on large projects allows the burden of many small administrative tasks to steal away valuable time and productivity.

In fact, they appear so determined to hunt buffaloes that when a squirrel is presented to them as an opportunity they will spend days and even months working to convert it into a buffalo worthy of their attention. Along the way, the employees and even department heads becomes increasingly frustrated at the need to perform so many tasks manually when a simple automated solution seems self-evident. Occasionally, individual departments will find a small budget and go outside to find a third party who may be able to help them.

Of course, since IT establishes the rules about what is acceptable technology, solutions and even providers, going outside the company often ends in a political tangle that only further complicates the issue. As businesses evaluate their priorities for investing in the development and automation of key business processes and managing the flow of information through the operation, they should include a review of the administrative tasks being performed, the frequency at which they are performed, the number of employees performing the same task, the time consumed and the potential for errors. Core operations or customer facing systems will always be assigned the highest priority, but ignoring these tasks can result in a huge productivity drag.

Determine what it will take to hunt the buffalo in the most efficient manner with the most proficient resources and leave some small unit behind to go after the squirrels to protect your stash of nuts. This small unit of technical IT staff must be empowered to identify specific administrative tasks and deal with them one at a time without being forced to convert each into a buffalo first. You may just find that the overall productivity and employee satisfaction in your business increase dramatically. You also find there are fewer buffalo to hunt than you assumed, as your team has been so adept at converting every squirrel into a buffalo that requires a lot more resources and time to resolve.

Why Power Tools Are a Good Investment

Do you have a project around the house that is half finished or you dread even beginning? You pass by the hammer and screwdriver and cringe at the thought of one more screw or one more nail. Want to finally get it done without all the manual labor? Power tools make a great investment for the big and the small projects around the house. You can get them done quickly and save money in the long run.

By doing them yourself, you don’t have to hire a handyman! Here are some good reasons why you should shell out the extra bucks for tools:

1. Efficient-Yes, you can build something with a screwdriver, a hand saw and a hammer, but is it the best way? Maybe you have better control with the hand-powered equipment, but if you learn to use your power tools properly, they are just as easy to use.

2. Fast-Not only are they more efficient, they also make the job faster. Imagine screwing in 25 screws by hand. You’d have a sprained wrist by the time you were done! Now, in just a few minutes you could do the same thing with a power drill and be able to do 25 more. Once you know how to operate your equipment, you can complete more jobs in one day than you could if you had to rely on your own energy..

3. Portable-With the invention of the cordless power tool, you can take them anywhere. Of course, lightweight materials are also making them easier to carry and use. Even the corded variety can are portable to an extent. You can take these portable pieces up in the attic, down to the mailbox, into the crawl space and anywhere else you have a project.

4. Affordable-You can spend as little or as much as you want on power tools. There is such a large variety that there is a price range for everyone. Advances in the materials used to make them also lower the price.

And, if you don’t have to have the latest model, you can get a really good price on last year’s power drill. The key is to know what kind of power you are going to need for most of your projects and start from there. If you just like to piddle around the house, you certainly don’t need a professional grade circular saw.

There is no easier and faster way to complete a do it yourself project than with power tools. And, in today’s economy, who really has extra money to pay for handyman labor? Choose the right equipment and you can complete your own projects on your own time.

In the long run, the pieces pay for them self because of the money saved by not hiring out the work. But, don’t skimp on the quality by buying the cheapest you can find. There are decent quality pieces at affordable prices.

The better the quality, the longer it will last and the more you can get done with the one purchase. Don’t be afraid of power tools-they are easy to use, make the job faster and can be quite affordable if you do your homework. You’re hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders will thank you!